Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To be Autonomous Or Not: Debate Centers on the New Henry Christophe University

On January 12, 2012 marks the day when the people of Haiti will welcome the newest university in the country. The Le Roi Henri Christophe University is expected to take the lead in educating Haitian youths and comes complete with the best amenities that can foster better education, critical thinking and a good learning environment. The university complex comes complete with high-speed internet and other amenities that make learning fun and comprehensive as well. The university which is a gift from the Dominican Republic is expected to accommodate more than 10,000 students who were displaced by the massive earthquake that shook Haiti and neighboring areas in January 2010. And on the second anniversary of the earthquake, the university that now serves as a symbol of hope for education in Haiti and of life in general will be unveiled by Haiti President Michel Joseph Martelly and President Leonel Fernandez of Dominican Republic in Limonade.
The inauguration of the university complex is symbolic and a big boost to the education sector but this has unsettled the public sector. The question in everyone’s mind ever since the university complex was planned still rings true on the eve of the inauguration- should the university be autonomous or not? There are two competing schools of thought right now in the country. The first group is lead by the rector of the state university, Vernet Henry who believes that the university should be part of the state’s educational system. The other group is lead by a group of scholars and concerned citizens from the northern part of the country. Their group believes that the university should be autonomous, and thus should come with its own set of board of regents and own budget. Each side has its own set of reasons and their public debates have captured the attention of the public for the past few months. 

Why should the university remain the control of the state? 

From the perspective of the state and the rector of the state university, having a single and uniform state education is the main solution in the delivery of uniformed quality of education. The state’s educational resources should be centrally governed so that a single direction can be achieved. But this argument is countered by a group of scholars and concerned citizens intent on wanting to see an autonomous centre for higher education. The main argument of this group centers on two things- the concept of decentralization and a deep-seated belief against the ability of the government to institute reforms not just in educational system but in the society as a whole. The state has a poor background in handling university system and the schools in general, they say. The group cited the status of the Schools of Medicine and Anthropology which suffered from the incompetent leadership style of the state. The cause of the group has received a boost from Fritz Doveilier, a professor from the State University of Haiti who believed that local participation is the key to sustainable development and in reversing the sad state of education of the country. 

The Le Roi Henri Christophe University is expected to carry the torch for the people of Haiti and given the herculean task of educating and arming the youth with western-caliber education, it’s just normal that some sectors are concerned about the way the complex will be run. The challenge is for the government to prove that it’s up to the challenge. If not, a growing public sentiment should pave the way for an autonomous Le Roi Henri Christophe University. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singapore Can Wait

I was scheduled to fly to Singapore this weekend with friends, but I think it has to be cancelled. I decided on another thing, and to get my own flat in the city. The landlord is asking for a one month deposit and two months advance, so all my savings for the Singapore trip will be used. Now the problem is how will I tell my friends regarding my change of plans? I should have a Singapore experience for my birthday but my priorities now are different so there goes my trip.

And after many months, I am back here writing on this precious space. I miss writing here and I would like to post some of my thoughts that are not too serious here. For my serious stuffs, you can still check out my portfolio and my autoblog. Here you can learn more about my passion- vehicles, automobiles, tennis, Nissan GT-R, Rafa Nadal and Audi. So, welcome to my page again.

I am still in freelancing mode, thanks to my kind clients. I will still continue freelance content writing even if I am busy with my HR work. Also, thanks to my company for giving me the opportunity.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miss writing on this space!

When was the last time that I wrote for this space? It's been a long time, no? So I am glad to be back, and many things have changed. I am no longer a freelance content writer, I am happy that I am out of the loop yet there are times that I wish I am still writing. I am in the office once again. Oh, did I wrote something about a scammer? Well the bad news is that indeed she was a scammer. Shame on you Leonor!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mad word: The freelance writing world

Again, another scammer came and go. Mad world, the freelancing world. She did not pay me, so I am publishing the contents and articles that I have written for her. At least this can serve as a good literature for my graduate thesis by early next year, a thesis on freelance content writing and telecommuting. Beware, freelance writers.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Town Fiesta yet still freelancing

Today is our town's fiesta, but still working on some freelance content and writing projects. Need to finish this one so that there will be no backlogs. Plus, I really need to work overtime since my friend of mine met an accident, so I guess I have to write the contents she is supposed to do. So while the rest of the population is deep in celebration and in merriment, I will write and write while checking out the 'kare kare' if its already done. 'Kare kare' is a Filipino dish made from ox tail in peanut butter sauce. How about that for multi-tasking?

Get well soon my friend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Making a stadium cushion (seat)

If you are an avid sports fan who follows the games of your teams live, then you may have encountered a stadium cushion seat. You may not know it but chances are you have used this in one of those games. This is a type of seat that is often used by sports fans and this seat is known to offer comfort to the fans and the watchers when they are seating on the standard bleachers and seats. Simply seating on the concrete seats on the stadium is inconvenient, so having a cushion does the job. Though there are stadium cushions that can be bought in stores these cushions are expensive. So you have a choice if you want comfort if you follow the games of your club.

Making a stadium cushion seat can be an option for you. Making a stadium cushion seat allows you to save and in the end, you get the comfort that you deserve even if you watch the game for hours and hours. And if you make your cushion, you get to decide which style and materials to use or in short you personalize your own cushion seat something that you cannot do with the commercial one. If you are interested for this DIY job, then why not start by procuring the right materials. What you need to get is a heavy-duty soft vinyl material that can be used as the main material for the cushion. Get the thread in matching color so that it will complement the looks of the material.

When your Internet provider upsets your freelancing work

Have you experienced having to turn down some freelancing writing jobs due to the poor service of your internet service provider? I experienced this one multiple times now, and the latest is this week. My internet service provider failed me once again for three days and with that I have to give up some freelancing jobs and content writing jobs. Plus, I was late in delivering some of my expected outputs for this week. So for freelance writers out there, seek the right internet service provider. This can spell your doom in the freelancing world as well.